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Interactive Tools

Our newest update of our most popular tool lets you make the tough choices to solve our country's debt problem. See if you can come up with a solution to stabilize the debt at 79 percent of GDP by 2029.

Think you could secure the future of Social Security? This tool allows you to select revenue and benefit changes to stabilize Social Security and make it sustainable for the next generation.
Social Security’s trust funds are running out, and your retirement benefits will be cut unless Washington acts. How Old Will You Be When Social Security's Funds Run Out? allows you to find out how much you stand to lose.













The national debt would continue to rise under a Clinton or a Trump presidency (though much more so under Trump). See the changes that could make either candidate's plan more responsible with Reforming the Candidates' Fiscal Plans.

Our Deficit Plan Comparison Tool compared many of the big deficit reduction plans being proposed in 2011 and 2012.